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Atomic Problems

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Quantum Mechanic Models Free-Electron Molecular Orbital (FEMO)Theory Blackbody Radiation Operators and Eigenfunctions Expectation Values Plots of the amplitude of the bonding and antibonding orbitals formed by the overlap of two H1s orbitals. The Harmonic Oscillator II The HI Bond Quantum Mechanics Radial Component of Atomic Orbitals Atomic Orbital Radial Properties Superposition of Functions Derivation of Wien's Displacement Law

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Problem Solving in Physical Chemistry Introduction To Mathcad

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Chemical Problems

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Chemical Kinetic Examples

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DATA ANALYSIS in Physical Chemistry

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Numerical Solution of Second Order Differential Equations

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H2+ MO Bonding and AntiBonding Orbitals

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Physical Chemistry Gas Law Problems

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The Entropy of Lead Ideal Gas Law - Intro to Mathcad Maxwell distribution of Gas Molecule Velocities The Vibrations of Molecules - I : The Simple Harmonic Oscillator The Vibrations of Molecules - II : The Carbon Dioxide Molecule Powder Pattern Simulations The Crystal Structure of Bromobenzoic Acid

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Relating Qualitative Analysis to Equilibrium Principles

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The Iodine Spectrum

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The Carnot Cycle

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Huckel Theory

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Steepest Descents: Finding the Minimum in a Function

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Computing a Flame Temperature Real Gases: Defining the Standard State and Quantifying Deviations from Ideality