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BESSEL.XLS - transient heating and cooling calculations. Time to heat tank. Time to heat solid slab.
CALIBTK.XLS - calibration data for horizontal cylindrical tank with dished heads.
CATENARY.XLS - solve catenary equations
COMPRESS.XLS - compressible flow calculations
CONE.XLS - cone and circle geometry
CVCALCS.XLS - control valve calculations; pressure drop, flow, Cv
DPT.XLS - calculate dewpoint of acidic gases; HBr, HCl, sulfur dioxide, nitric, sulfuric
EXDUCT.XLS - strength for ducting under external pressure
FLUMLVL.XLS - flow calculations for open channels and flumes
ORIFICE.XLS - orifice plate calculations
PACKED.XLS - packed tower, hydraulic and packing HTU calculations
PLATE.XLS - flat plate deflection and stress
PUMPCURV.XLS - convert pump or fan curve to different speed
WEIR.XLS - rectangular weir calculations